The Department of Mechanical Engineering’s graduate courses are listed below. For additional details about the curriculum and degree requirements, graduate students should review the graduate handbook for their degree program.

The department also offers concentrations to students pursuing the M.S. in Mechanical Engineering - Advanced Study and the M.S. in Mechanical Engineering - Applied Advanced Study degree programs.

Mechanical Engineering course listing

These are the graduate courses available through the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Course Course Name Location Units Semester Offered
24-612 Cardiovascular Mechanics Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-614 Microelectromechanical Systems Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-618 Special Topics: Computational Analysis of Transport Phenomena Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-623 Molecular Simulation of Materials Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent, Spring
24-626 Air Quality Engineering Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-628 Energy Transport and Conversion at the Nanoscale Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-629 Direct Solar and Thermal Energy Conversion Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent, Spring
24-631 Thermal Design Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-632 Special Topics: Additive Manufacturing Processing and Product Development Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-633 Additive Manufacturing Laboratory Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-634 Structural Design Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-635 Structural Analysis Pittsburgh 9 Fall
24-642 Fuel Cell Systems Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-643 Special Topics: Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-650 Special Topics in Applied Finite Element Analysis Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Intermittent, Spring
24-651 Material Selection for Mechanical Engineers Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-652 Special Topics: Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-653 Special Topics: Materials and Their Processing for Mechanical Engineers Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-655 Cellular Biomechanics Pittsburgh 9 Intermittent
24-656 Introduction to Vibrations with Applications Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-658 Image-Based Computational Modeling and Analysis Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-662 Special Topics: Robotic Systems and Internet of Things Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-663 Special Topics: Biomechanics of Human Movement Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
24-665 Special Topics: Wearable Health Technologies Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-671 Special Topics: Electromechanical Systems Design Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
24-672 Special Topics in DIY Design and Fabrication Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-673 Soft Robots: Mechanics, Design and Modeling Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-677 Special Topics: Linear Control Systems Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-680 Quantitative Entrepreneurship: Analysis for New Technology Commercialization Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-681 Computer-Aided Design Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-683 Design for Manufacture and the Environment Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-684 Special Topics: Nanoscale Manufacturing Using Structural DNA Nanotechnology Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-685 Engineering Optimization without Project Pittsburgh 9 Fall
24-686 Special Topics in Advanced Mechanical Design Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-687 Grand Innovation Challenge Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-688 Introduction to CAD and CAE Tools Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-691 Special Topics: Mechanical Engineering Project Management Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
24-692 Special Topics: Engineering a Startup: How to Start and Grow a Hardware Company Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-693 Special Topics: Leadership and Communication Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
24-703 Numerical Methods in Engineering Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-704 Probability and Estimation Methods for Engineering Systems Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-711 Fluid Dynamics Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-718 Computational Fluid Dynamics Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-721 Advanced Thermodynamics Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-722 Energy System Modeling Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-727 Special Topics: Aerosol Measurement Technology Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-730 Advanced Heat Transfer Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-740 Combustion and Air Pollution Control Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-751 Introduction to Solid Mechanics I Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-753 Special Topics: Principles of Soft-Matter Machines & Electronics Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
24-755 Finite Element Method in Mechanics I Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Intermittent
24-757 Vibrations Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-760 Special Topics: Robot Dynamics and Analysis Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
24-771 Linear Systems Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-773 Special Topics Multivariable Linear Control Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-774 Special Topics: Advanced Control Systems Integration Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-775 Special Topics: Robot Design & Experimentation Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-776 Nonlinear Controls Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-778 Mechatronic Design Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-780 Engineering Computation Pittsburgh 12 Fall
24-781 Computational Engineering Project Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-782 Computational Engineering Project II Pittsburgh Variable Spring
24-783 Special Topics: Advanced Engineering Computation Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-785 Engineering Optimization Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-786 Special Topics: Bayesian Machine Learning for Scientists and Engineers Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-787 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Engineers Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-788 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Project Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
24-789 Special Topics: Deep Learning for Engineers Pittsburgh 12 Spring
24-791 Graduate Seminar I Pittsburgh 0 Fall
24-792 Graduate Seminar II Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-793 Supervised Reading Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-794 Master of Science Project Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-795 Ph.D. Internship in Teaching Counterpoint Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-796 Graduate Reading and Research Pittsburgh Variable Summer
24-797 Thesis Research Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Spring
24-799 Practicum in Mechanical Engineering Pittsburgh Variable Fall, Summer