24-788   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Project

Location: Pittsburgh

Units: 12

Semester Offered: Intermittent

This course provides an open-ended computational project experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This course will enable student teams to design, develop and test data-driven computational algorithms. Course objectives are: Gain experience in data sciences and data-driven methods for engineering. Learn advanced programming and computational system design. Learn project planning and management, project evaluation, teamwork, technical communication. The projects will target problems involving experimental, simulated or crowd-sourced data. Each project will aim to build an artificial intelligence or machine learning system that accomplishes one or more of the following: Identify patterns in data, establish a mathematical model for the input/output relationships, classify data into distinct categories, use existing data to synthesize new solutions to a synthesis problem. Team activities include three presentations, two written reports, a final technology demo, and one final report in the form of an archival publication.