24-684   Special Topics: Design for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Location: Pittsburgh

Units: 12

Semester Offered: Fall

The Fourth Industrial Revolution recognizes the explosive (and exponential) growth in technology in a way that is poised to transform humankind. The extent, scope and speed of technological innovation has the potential to impact every industry and every person on the planet. From 3D printing to implantable technologies, blockchain to the sharing economy, the connected home to smart cities, technologies alone are effecting change. However, as these technologies combine and build upon each other the potential is unbounded. This course will study the Fourth Industrial Revolution from a design perspective. Students will individually become pseudo-experts in the deep shifts in technology that are beginning to emerge. Next, teams of students will determine the implication and potential in combining these technologies. Finally, the student teams will follow a rigorous methodology to conceptualize scenarios mapped out through the combined technology shifts.