24-686   Special Topics in Advanced Mechanical Design

Location: Pittsburgh

Units: 12

Semester Offered: Fall

This course will build expert foundational knowledge in mechanical design. Students will perform a series of multi-week modules in which they design, fabricate, and test high-performance mechanical components or assemblies individually or in small teams. Interactive lectures and topic readings on underlying technical approaches will occur simultaneously, thereby drawing a strong connection between theory, analytical methods, computational tools, and experience-based intuition. Modules will address optimal structures for tensile, bending, buckling, and torsion conditions, fatigue life, mechanism design, fluid power system design, and optimization of dynamical system properties. This course builds on the skills and methods taught in 24-370, Engineering Design I, and students are recommended to first take 24-370 and its prerequisites or similar courses at their undergraduate institution. Priority will be given to students who have already passed 24-200 Machine Shop Practice.