Eni Halilaj is a biomechanist who specializes in orthopaedic rehabilitation. At Carnegie Mellon, she directs the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Lab, an interdisciplinary group of mechanical engineers, bioengineers, and computer scientists seeking to improve mobility in people with musculoskeletal injuries and diseases. Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon in Fall 2018, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the National Center of Excellence on Mobility Big Data, Stanford University. She is the recipient of the American Society of Biomechanics Early Career Achievement Award, a 2020 finalist for NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, and a prior NIH/BD2K Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow.

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Eni Halilaj
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2015 Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Brown University

2008 BA, Engineering, Brown University

Media mentions

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Halilaj project making waves for biomedicine

MechE’s Halilaj Eni’s project DeepGaitLab, funded by CZI Science, proposes to interface computer vision tools with an open-source biomechanical modeling software, facilitating the uptake of motion tracking lacking markers.

Mechanical Engineering

Biomechanics for teens

National Biomechanics Day is a worldwide celebration that strives to bring the complex world of biomechanics to high school students through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and Q&A sessions with real-world professionals.

Halilaj receives ASB Young Scientist Award

MechE’s Eni Halilaj has won the American Society of Biomechanics Young Scientist Award. The award will be presented at this year’s ASB meeting in August.

Halilaj led workshop for high school girls

MechE’s Eni Halilaj partnered with the Perry Initiative and UPMC and Allegheny Health surgeons to host a hands-on workshop for 40 high school girls and teach them about the intersection of engineering and orthopaedics.

Mechanical Engineering

Step by step

New Mechanical Engineering faculty member Eni Halilaj applies biomechanics to treat and prevent musculoskeletal injuries and diseases.