Experience vibrant cultures. Explore a dynamic world. 

In today's global society, a study abroad experience can be an integral part of an undergraduate engineering education. An academic experience abroad is encouraged and assistance is provided for course choices and currirulum sequencing. The Mechanical Engineering department offers scholarships for international experiences to support and encourage students to take advantage of study and work abroad experienes. 

It is important that MechE students work closely with their academic advisor to plan their experience abroad. 


Sydney opera house in Australia

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Opportunities for an academic experience abroad include institutions in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. 

While a variety of exchange options are available to Carnegie Mellon University students, the Department of Mechanical Engineering provides a study abroad guide of suggested schools with probable course transfers. See your academic advisor for details.

Students are encouraged to inquire about an academic term at any university of interest.

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Many programs focus on the student's junior year but other exciting experiences abroad exist. Students can take advantage of the flexibility in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum to facilitate an experience abroad. 


Students can begin their search by visiting the CMU Study Abroad Website to learn about study abroad opportunities, funding, attending an information session, review frequently asked questions, and making an appointment with a study abroad advisor. The study abroad advisor for MechE is Cortney Seltman

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Because many engineers work on international projects or for multi-national companies, Mechanical Engineering has developed the study abroad fellowship program—a monetary award for approved applicants—to reward talented students who have planned a study abroad experience that meshes well with their degree and career goals. Talk with your academic advisor for details.