M.S. in Mechanical Engineering - Research

The M.S. in Mechanical Engineering–Research degree program is designed for students who want to perform extensive, graduate level research to either pursue a Ph.D. degree or work in industry after graduation. This 192 unit master’s program can be completed in four semesters full-time.

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering–Research (192 units)

Students admitted to this program will perform extensive research with a faculty member for the duration of the program. They are typically matched with a faculty member prior to starting class.

Their experience culminates with a final research report and presentation to faculty and students at the Department of Mechanical Engineering's annual Graduate Research Symposium each spring. 

Students with a bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline or equivalent are encouraged to apply to this program. 

Admission to the M.S. in Mechanical Engineering–Research program does not guarantee admission into our Ph.D. program. Ph.D. students are accepted through our direct Ph.D. program.

Students in the lab

Source: Mechanical Engineering

Students working on flexible electronics and soft robotics in the Integrated Soft Materials Lab.

Each of our master’s programs provides:

  • hands-on learning and collaborative problem-solving through project-based courses
  • flexibility to tailor your curriculum according to your interests and goals
  • ongoing services and programming to enhance communication, leadership, and team-building skills in the Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh ecosystems 
  • personalized career advising services and networking opportunities to ensure your long term professional success.


Our master’s programs are self-supported or have an outside funding source (such as the student’s employer) to pay for tuition and living expenses. To see annual tuition rates, visit Carnegie Mellon’s The HUB website.

Note that immigration regulations do not allow Carnegie Mellon University to issue visa documents for part-time master's programs.

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The application for Fall entry opens in October.

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