Jack Beuth received his Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences from Harvard in 1992. He has been a member of the Carnegie Mellon faculty since that time. Beuth’s research is in the areas of manufacturing, solid mechanics, and fracture mechanics, with over 75 publications across the areas of additive manufacturing, interfacial mechanics, and thin film mechanics. His current research includes modeling of additive manufacturing processes and micro-scale

Beuth was a recipient of the 1998 Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award. In 2000, he was awarded George Tallman and Florence Barrett Ladd Development Professorship in Mechanical Engineering. In 2005, Beuth was co-recipient of the ASME Curriculum Innovation Award. In 2009, Beuth received the Benjamin Richard Teare Teaching Award from the College of Engineering.

Beuth’s modeling research in additive manufacturing has led to the development of “process map” approaches for mapping out the role of principal process variables on process characteristics such as melt pool geometry, microstructure, and residual stress. By characterizing AM processes over their full process variable range, Beuth’s research is allowing unique insights into process control, expansion of process operating ranges, and unique comparisons of AM processes operating in very different regions of processing space.

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Beuth’s Additive Lab

Process Mapping for Additive Manufacturing


1992 Ph.D., Engineering Sciences, Harvard University

1989 MS, Engineering Sciences, Harvard University

1987 MS, Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Institute of Technology

1984 BS, Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Institute of Technology

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