Jonathan A. Malen

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Jonathan A. Malen

Source: College of Engineering


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Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Nanostructured organic-inorganic hybrid materials aim to combine the manufacturability of plastics with the transport properties of semiconductors. Over the last twenty years, researchers focused on electronic applications (e.g. organic electronics), but the field is now expanding to address the challenges of energy demand and climate change. Nanostructured hybrids are promising replacements for bulk semiconductor photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials because they have controllable feature sizes at length scales characteristic of transport processes. The use of organic-inorganic nanostructured materials can also unlock new opportunities in mature energy fields, such as thermal energy storage and heat transfer enhancement.

My expertise in heat transfer, nanoscale transport, and organic-inorganic self-assembly is uniquely situated to develop nanostructured hybrid materials that push the limits of energy conversion, storage, and efficiency. Our projects leverage ultrafast laser techniques and micro/nano fabrication to explore new materials and reveal new thermal transport properties of existing materials. 

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B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2000, University of Michigan

S.M. Nuclear Engineering 2003, MIT

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering 2009, UC Berkeley

Select publications

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Outstanding Research Award, College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2016

Bergles-Rohsenow Young Investigator Award in Heat Transfer, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 2014