Allen Robinson, Department Head

Office: Scaife Hall 401

Phone: 412-268-3860


Katherine Sencindiver, Executive Assistant to the Department Head

Office: Scaife Hall 426

Phone: 412-268-3860


Paul Steif, Associate Department Head

Office: Scaife Hall 304

Phone: 412-268-3507


Dorothy Antonucci, Business Manager

Office: Scaife Hall 403

Phone: 412-268-7241


Melissa Hyzy, Assistant Business Manger

Office: Scaife Hall 404

Phone: 412-268-2502


Lisa Kulick, Manager of Communications

Office: Scaife Hall 326

Phone: 412-268-5444


Nicole Wolford, Associate Director of Development

Office: Scaife Hall 326

Phone: 412-268-3722



Academic team


Christopher Hertz, Manager of Academic Programs

Graduate advising for the Ph.D.and MSCDM programs, graduate student spaces, and student visa support.

Office: Scaife Hall 405

Phone: 412-268-3175


Meredith Blobner, Academic Programs Coordinator

Course support, event planning, purchasing for courses (students), and seminar series.

Office: Scaife Hall 422

Phone: 412-268-3141


Melissa Brown, Academic Advisor 

Graduate advising for ETIM and M.S. programs.

Office: Scaife Hall 407

Phone: 412-268-1562


Eva Mergner, Undergraduate Academic Advisor 

Undergraduate advising for students with last names M-Z.

Office: Scaife Hall 415

Phone: 412-268-2498


Danielle Turner, Academic Coordinator

Administrative support for the academic team.

Office: Scaife Hall 423

Phone: 412-268-2908


Lauren Warden-Rodgers, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Undergraduate advising for students with last names A-L.

Office: Scaife Hall 416

Phone: 412-268-7998 






Administrative support


Mi Kim, Administrative Coordinator

Alumni relations support, faculty support, reimbursements, and travel.

Office: Scaife Hall 422

Phone: 412-268-2932


Lorraine Li-Hagerty, Personnel Coordinator

HR, payroll changes, and student payroll.

Office: Scaife Hall 426

Phone: 412-268-6499


Cathleen Mosel, Administrative Coordinator

Faculty support, reimbursements, and travel.

Office: Scaife Hall 422

Phone: 412-268-7892


Natasha Young, Adminstrative Assistant/Receptionist 

Andrew accounts, ID cards, card access to engineering spaces, conference room reservations (Scaife Hall 203, 205, 206, 224), food orders, general information, keys, locked out of office, mailboxes, mailings, office supplies, student tours, telephone.

Office: Scaife Hall 402

Phone: 412-268-2500



Research administration 


Rachel Teeney, Financial Analyst I

Office: Scaife Hall 424

Phone: 412-268-5509   


Julie Wilson, Research Administrator

Office: Scaife Hall 424






Ginny Barry, Associate Buyer

Office: Scaife Hall 423

Phone: 412-268-52870


Bobbi Kostyak, Senior Buyer

Office: Scaife Hall 423

Phone: 412-268-2488


Purchasing, memberships, and dues




Facilities and technical service


Jim Dillinger, Mechanical Engineering Shop Manager

Office: Hamerschlag Hall C-level 124

Phone: 412-268-2515 and -2516


John Fulmer, Shop Instructor

Office: Hamerschlag Hall C-level 124

Phone: 412-268-2515


Larry Hayhurst, Machine Shop Instructor

Office: Hamerschlag Hall C-level 124

Phone: 412-268-2817


Tom Rusu, Shop Instructor

Office: Hamerschlag Hall C-level 124

Phone: 412-268-2516


Ed Wojciechowski, Engineering Lab Assistant/Technician

Office: Hamerschlag Hall C-level 124

Phone: 412-268-2516