24-689   Special Topics Modern Manufacturing in Steeltown

Location: Pittsburgh

Units: 12

Semester Offered: Intermittent

The goal of this course is to provide a professional exposure to materials and modern manufacturing practices. Through site visits to local manufacturers and in-class activities and projects, this class will cover common materials and their salient properties, forming methods with a focus on polymers and injection modeling, assembly lines, packaging, partnering with manufacturers, and sustainability. These visits will also highlight the range of manufacturing happening around Pittsburgh from medical to industrial to boutique. Projects will allow students to explore materiality for product design as well as product development targeted at specific companies with regional capabilities and constraints. We assume students have prior or concurrent woodshop or metalshop training and basic exposure to materials, manufacturing, and design (for example through 24-370 Engineering Design I or an introductory Industrial Design course). Undergraduates with at least third year standing and graduate students will be given priority for admission.